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Summer is half over, but the fun isn't here yet! [17 Jul 2008|10:58pm]
[ mood | reflective ]

An update! I can say that I was "busy" up to the end of Spring Quarter, and "occupied" since then. I got my A- in my Futures/Options class and an A in Business Ethics as I had hoped for so I was extremely happy. I have around a year left to finally get a Bachelor's degree and I'll need to talk to a counselor to make sure I enroll in the right classes. I've already got over 200 units transferred into CSULA...

The big news for the past few months is that I've confirmed a trip to Japan for myself and a few friends. Dan, Rob, HMP, and I will be heading out on August 11th and return August 27th. It'll be a free form trip with no tour guide, just like the first time with Alex. While I'm looking forward to every day there, I'm particularly looking forward to Summer Comiket which as a group we'll attend Friday and I plan to attend Saturday in a more limited capacity. We also plan about 5 days to Osaka, Kyoto, and possibly Nara. I plan to accomplish a lot more this trip now that I have a basic understanding of Japanese and will hopefully be able to explore more freely. If anything, this will be a huge chance to determine if I really want to spend my life working in Japan in the future. Being a tourist doesn't compare to being an expatriate, but I'm running out of time to plan my career and this trip may be as much for my future as it is for my leisure.

I still have lots of prep work to do and have made it a goal to get some long overdue tasks taken care of before we depart. Certain issues like redoing my voter registration have been completed. Others like backing up all my computer contents and a true cleanup of my room are pending. And continuing to learn Japanese will be an ongoing process. However, such things have been getting sidetracked by distractions such as DotA/TD and Touhou/Mafiascum. Mafia games are an interesting look into human psychology and I wonder if I'll be able to get into it as much as I hope I can. My first (and current game) is Touhou based with Phantasmagoria of Flower View themes. The best of both worlds indeed.

Finally, if you want to hear the piece of music I'm listening to, check out this Youtube vid. It's a track off of one of many Touhou arranged CDs in existence. I'm not even sure what original track it is based off of, but it's very beautiful. Even though I'm not into the games as hardcore as other fans, it's the fanon that really draws me in. The characters, the music, the doujinshi, and the stories and themes are all wonderful. It's now my preferred fantasy, drama, comedy, tragedy, etc. genre; you name it. I just feel happy when I experience it all. I really think that it is romantic if a paradise world could be created in dreams like Maribel Han supposedly can do with Gensokyo. Yet, that dream has taken shape through the love of fans everywhere. Touhou is a special creation and for at least part of my life, I am glad that it has consumed me.

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Minouche: 4/10/90 - 4/19/08 [19 Apr 2008|03:45pm]
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Lots happening right now... [27 Mar 2008|10:27pm]
[ mood | waiting ]

For starters, Anime Boston was a nice weekend excursion. Thanks to the Bandai Entertainment badges Joe and his boss Bob were able to provide for us, I got to walk around the Dealer's Hall a little early Friday morning. Exploits ftw. I primarily bought manga and a few other random things. A lot of time was spent wandering around from place to place; a lot of idling in the game room too. Rob and I both entered the Melty Blood Act Cadenza tournament for fun and since it was really small, I got to the 2nd round and Rob made the final round robin match losing to the tourney champion.

Also met up with Brian and Kim which was fun. I'm not much of a conversationalist so I was fairly quiet for the short amount of time we hung out (sorry Kim!) but I'm glad to have met more people from my TTO past. Brian spent a lot of time playing Monster Island which was a tabletop game of monsters destroying a nice replica of Boston. Kim's Twilight Suzuka costume was gorgeous and I'll get around to posting those pics up soon. I didn't take very many pictures as most costumes were fairly generic although the dancing boombox and TV were a hit everywhere they went. However, I did come across a Yukari Yakumo cosplayer who was quite good and that was a happy picturetaking moment.

Another highlight was getting the raw for True Tears 12 and watching that Saturday evening. Rob and Joe are "Hiromifags" while I am a "Noefag" so there have been silly arguments between us the past few weeks as the story wraps up to see who Shinichiro chooses. And with Noe gaining the advantage at the end of ep 12, there was much celebration on my part and much despair on theirs. So Joe counters that I should be heading for the yaoi panel at midnight but we were so lazy that coincidentally, we just hung out in the hotel room and watched college wrestling marveling at "riding time." It's that kind of a lazy weekend that I was looking forward to.

Well, after coming back from Anime Boston Sunday night, I jumped right into classes. Last quarter grades were good: A-, B+, B+, B. As for this quarter, I'm quite the masochist as I've decided to not only take 18 units (5 classes), but also spread them out from Monday through Thursday nights. All the classes seem to have differing difficulty, but the one on Wednesday is going to be a killer. Multinational Finance Management which will start off with analyzing exchange rate risk and go into futures contracts and a bit of hedge funds work. This stuff is definitely the nitty gritty that investors work with. That and a mixture of papers, oral presentations and projects is telling me that I will have no free time for the next 2 months.

I don't really want to end on a down note, but it's important to mention. Our family dog, Minouche, may be on the verge of death. She sleeps with my parents and last night, I guess she woke up howling and wet the bed. With any living being, the loss of bowel control tends to be a sign that the body is shutting down. My dad watched her and she slept for most of today and doesn't seem to be moving around much. Just to give an idea of how old she is, if she makes it to April 10th, she will be 18 years old. She's had arthritis in her back legs for about the past year so we knew it was coming, but it still doesn't lessen the anxiety now that the time seems to have arrived. Minouche has been in our family Xmas pic probably since my junior high days and to know that she won't be there for the next one is sad. I know I'll probably cry when it happens and it's important for me to do so because I believe all the feelings I've felt from beginning to end need to be remembered and cherished. I do not know yet if we have any plans to put her to sleep. So at the moment, I am just waiting, knowing that while the parting will be sad, it is the love of being our family dog that will live on in my memories.

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4 month update [14 Feb 2008|08:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Haha, wow, I can't believe my last post was about SaiMoe. In regards to that, Rena knocked out Kagami with which I was very sad about. Louise beat Suigintou which was just ridiculous and Tsukasa beat Suiseiseki despite an insane fake vote count. All those just highlighted the unique voting dynamic that occurs with SaiMoe since you can track the number of votes each character gets to see who is leading EXCEPT you can't tell which votes are real or fake. The votes can sway like nothing else. So surprisingly enough, it was little Rika from Higurashi that won the entire thing. I don't approve or disapprove of how SaiMoe works on 2ch, but I think it was interesting and I'd follow it again this summer.

Fall Quarter came and went smoothly enough. 2 As and 2 Bs.

Right after my finals, I had to report to jury duty and I got selected (since I indicated I had some free time). It was a small criminal trial where the defendant was accused of assault, battery, making threats, and a hate crime against a Korean woman. I actually volunteered to be the juror foreperson when we began deliberations. I didn't actually do much in directing the conversations. Right from the start, several people thought that the plaintiff's story was a little too grand and that there wasn't enough evidence presented by the state prosecutor. Since the burden of proof is on the prosecutor, we had to be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the crimes had been committed. Unfortunately, all we got was the plaintiff's testimony, the store manager's testimony who didn't actually witness the incident and an inconclusive report filed by the paramedic that treated the plaintiff for "mild contusions." The general feeling in the room was that both sides had exaggerated their stories a little bit, but because nothing was conclusive, we had to deliver a verdict of Not Guilty on all counts. I found the entire process very interesting and it helped open my eyes on how trials proceed and how to process evidence. I'd gladly do it again given I had the time to do so.

Right after the family Christmas celebration had ended (Tuesday), I messaged Mike to see if he was hosting a party for New Years and he told me that he was actually going to be in New York to celebrate with his girlfriend Christine. And within an hour, I decided that I wanted to go too. So I booked a flight for that Friday. Right after getting into New Jersey, they picked me up and dropped my stuff off at Christine's house before going to NYC. Eating at Ruby Tuesday's in Times Square at midnight was quite the first impression of the Big Apple. We proceeded to wander around the rainy city till 5 AM. Met up with Rob Saturday. The Apple store in Manhattan was pretty impressive although I had already seen the one in Ginza, Japan. I also survived the New Jersey White Castle riots (my first trip to a White Castle was totally messed up and funny at the same time). I also saw the WTC site on Sunday and that was rather spectacular to see the aftermath of it in person. For New Years itself, we (Mike, Christine, Rob, and myself) had bought tickets to the party at Dave & Buster's on 44th and proceeded to celebrate with gaming, food, and an open top-shelf bar. We were so close to the ball drop that we ran out of D&B at 11:53, pushed our way half a block east and were able to glimpse it as it came down. The excitement was something special with so many people screaming. I would seriously consider going again next year.

My Winter Quarter classes have proven to be a poor combination of choices. Both my Marketing and International Business classes have a 20 page paper as well as a 15 minute verbal presentation. While the Marketing paper is in a group of 6, the International Business one is solo and also due on 2/18. I'll manage to get something done but I'll definitely be stressing over it the next 3 days. Then there's a boring Management class and a Finance class which by test grades, I have a B and A in respectively. I hope to get through with at least 2 As and 2 Bs again though the Marketing class may be the toughest class overall (C on midterm). At least Jia told me that my professor in International Business grades easy.

Due to a recent conversation with Rob, I'm planning to go to AnimeBoston in March and meet up with him there during my Spring Break. We're looking to get a free pass in through a friend Joe, who works for Bandai. It'll be another random weekend to chill in a different surrounding and I also remembered that I might be able to meet up with selphie84. Meeting online friends in real life has always been a continuing and fun goal of mine. I also think the smaller cons (well, everything is smaller compared to AX) are more interesting as it encourages more user participation and creativity and is generally a more loose affair since the dealer room is also smaller.

Finally, you can't help but grin at http://www.hellokittyonline.com/us/ A game according to Kotaku.com: "Only one MMO could possibly release World of Warcraft's death grip on the massively multiplayer gaming market - Hello Kitty Online"

It'll have guilds, shops, houses and crafting. Just imagine... HELLO KITTY with WEAPONS! and San Rio characters screaming FUCK!!! (I call Pochacco) Alas, there will probably be language filters. But I opened the site (thanks for the link Dustin) and that happy catchy music plays and I haven't shut it off in over an hour. Closed beta signups started yesterday and they've already received 30k applicants. And yes, I signed up too. I am actually pretty curious about this and the kind of environment it'll be. After all: "Targeting female players from their pre-teens to twenties, Hello Kitty Online is the first installable MMORPG to set its sights on this demographic profile." That is just a disaster waiting to happen. But sign up today!
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Love for SaiMoe [30 Sep 2007|11:45pm]
[ mood | fanboyish ]

So yea, among other things, Rob helped introduce me to the SaiMoe tournament. It's an anime popularity contest for most moe (mo-eh) girl of the past year. A character being moe has a basic definition of being someone endearing to the audience whom one adores and wants to protect. Of course, at this point, interpretations vary widely and it becomes a large scale popularity voting tournament. What makes it special though is its organization and relatively high voter turnout making it the most credible anime character popularity contest currently in existence.

It's hosted on 2ch and has a few basic rules and guidelines. The bulk of it is explained in English at http://synchroom.wikispaces.com/SaiMoe2007 The basic procedure involves getting a voting code via a generator that produces it in the form of a browser cookie. You can refresh the page after about 2 hours to get it. Then you post your character vote in the proper 2ch thread.  Obviously, there's an IP restriction in regards to trying to vote multiple times. The preliminary rounds have the top few qualifiers in large brackets advance to the main round with a few consolation brackets to gather the above average moe character unluckily paired with powerhouses. Once the main tournament begins though, it's single elimination with head to head beginning in Round 3 (under a week from now). It is open to the international community as well and non-Japanese votes have influenced some matches already.

I'm still finding out different things about the tournament and it is rather interesting history. This tournament would make an interesting case study in group behavior and campaigning theories among other topics. Last year's winner was Suiseiseki of Rozen Maiden who triumphed not only through pure DESU moe, but also through calculated bloc voting, vote rushes and unsavory fans spamming fake votes to influence complacency in their opponents and sympathy votes for their favorites. Thus, the Death Doll/Desu/Suiseiseki has garnered some unwanted attention in the form of anti-votes and revenge voting. Needless to say, the various fanbases enjoy a healthy if not heated rivalry between each other. It all adds to the fun and relative excitement of pitting favorite anime characters against each other.

A look at the current bracket is at http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff208/KaneDragon/Round2INDEX.png with the 8 block winners being reshuffled for their quarterfinal rounds.

In particular, yesterday was just maddeningly exciting. Group H1 between Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) and Fate (Nanoha) was the epic match of the round the instant it was drawn up in the brackets. The vote totals, 1790 to 1624 to 543 for Satoko of Higurashi don't do justice to the level of activity going on in the 2ch threads and forums around the world. For example, in the period of 22:55:40 to 23:01:40 JST (a period of 360 seconds), there were 377 posts in the voting thread which is totally insane... Coincidentally, the Eruruu vs Ayu match was ridiculously close and benefitted from being in the same day as Gin-sama vs. Fate-chan making it a worthy match in its own right. And to top it all off, Korean SaiMoe (which follows different procedures and voting mediums and is a respectable tournament as well) had Shana defeat Nanoha by 1 vote, 1010 to 1009. Fucking epic. Yes, I know I'm fanboying quite a bit, but yesterday was a good day to be an anime fan.

My SaiMoe 2007 Block winner predictions:
Block A: Nagi (She should beat Shana, especially since there's some anti-Shana sentiment for her squeaking by Eva and Nanoha. Nagi's voting strength isn't really tested and I think she'll be the dark horse among the 8)
Block B: C.C. (I'm having a hard time trying to figure this block out, but I think Isumi will beat Konata and C.C. will beat Isumi. She is probably the hardest character to classify in terms of categories and overall moe package. She can match up well against a few characters, but will probably not win her top 8 match)
Block C: Nanoha (The Nanoha faction is reeling from Fate's loss yesterday and her own loss in Korea so they'll ride an emotional high to beat Luna in Round 3 and eventually win the block. However, Nanoha isn't nearly as moe as Fate and having shown vulnerability in several matches already, will probably not get past quarterfinals)
Block D: Kagami (Up until yesterday, no one could match Kagami's voting strength. The scary and joyful thing is that she pulls in high numbers whether her competition is tough or not. In other words, her fanbase is strong and fairly solidified. She's a heavy favorite and will handily beat Hayate, the other remaining Nanoha juggernaut. If she doesn't pair with Suigintou early in the reshuffled brackets, Kagami should reach the finals mostly uncontested)
Block E: Ayumu (I was pegging Shinku for the longest time, but after learning about the NOMNOM/Hamster moe that is Ayumu, I think given all favorable conditions as they currently are, Ayumu will pull off the upset.. It might just come down to being fun voting for a minor bit character who is charming in her own way. Either way, neither Shinku or Ayumu will progress much farther)
Block F: San (This goes against my loyalties for Lucky Star and Tsukasa, but I think San will prevail against both her and the reigning champ. Tactically, San probably has a better chance of toppling Desu and the anti-Rozen voters are not going to waste the opportunity to drop her. San being a loyal mermaid yakuza is moe by design and is at least quarterfinal caliber)
Block G: Eruruu (I was a bit shocked when she beat Ayu, but that more or less should wrap up the block for her though Sayuri will also provide a tough fight. The reaction when her tail is stroked is just criminal and she was also in the top 8 last year. However, I don't think she matches up well against the others and will also drop out early)
Block H: Suigintou (Yesterday's match decided Block H despite it being only Round 2. Such is the luck of the draw. She's got the momentum now and so many intangibles going for her that people are already pegging her as the champion. She's also now gained some votes from Fate fans who want to salvage pride by supporting the one that beat their favorite. She's the top dog now and could have potentially good matches against Nagi, Kagami, and San)

So that's my introduction to SaiMoe, I'm sure I'll get more excited as the tournament draws to a close. By both personal preference and as impartial of analysis as I can manage, I say Kagami will win the entire thing. Remember, vote Kagami! Kagamin for the championship!!!

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Precursor to "Love for SaiMoe and Touhou doujins" [30 Sep 2007|10:00pm]
[ mood | otakuish ]

Rawr, I'm posting again. Why? Because I'm procrastinating on homework. I find it amazing that the trigger for me to post is usually when I'm assigned homework and that I also have an inverse relationship between homework and LiveJournal. It'll be the death of me again (or at least bring about more late-niters).

Anyways, this past week was a busy one. Most of the time at work was spent moving people and equipment from the Branch to the Main office. With the housing market slumping so badly, we're trying to cut our expenses and hoping to turn over the lease of our Branch office to someone else. The sooner we can do that, the better. On another note, November and December are notoriously horrible months for house sales because of property taxes being due and Christmas respectively. I also have a preliminary impression of my 4 classes after 1 week and to make it short: 2 are favorable, 1 is neutral, and 1 is gonna fucking suck. Incidentally, that horrible one is the one whose homework I am procrastinating on right now.

Recently, I have discovered new obsessions from which I can also write about and waste my time with. Those would be the current SaiMoe/SeiMoe tournaments as well as the world of Touhou in general. I've seriously been spending an otakuish level of time on these 2 hobbies and putting out all my thoughts on those is going to be reserved in its own post following this one.

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Saving a comment I posted for posterity [17 Sep 2007|10:14pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Yup, been awhile since I last posted here. Nope, there's nothing to hide (other than the fact that I've quit DotA), just being outright lazy in wanting to talk about life and current interests. At least for now, I can say that life is good (B+ in summer CIS, fall classes starting next Monday) and my current interests (Triple Triad, Touhou, Stepmania, Kagetsu Tohya, SaiMoe 2007, Lucky Star) are interesting.

Which brings me to my post for today. I feel that in this age of the Internet, we say or post a lot of things and while most of it is drivel, some of it is meaningful. Thus, those meaningful statements should be saved as they are a reflection of ourselves at that time. However, the original post or article will soon drop out of the first page and eventually just fade away into archives or nothingness. Such things if I ever want to find them again, may be difficult to dig up again unless I keep a copy of it handy. Once again, that seems to be my underlying motive for keeping this LJ going.

The following is a comment I posted on an anime blog detailing the last episode of Lucky Star. I had only started checking this blog a few weeks ago, but in regards to comments about Lucky Star episodes as they were airing, I was surprised that there's a fair amount of stigma regarding Lucky Star because it has spawned huge polarizing debates. The hardcore fans praise it nonstop for its genius and then the critics call them KyoAni fanboys because they claim it is totally reliant on the success of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and overtly endorses other Kyoto Animation projects and seiyuus. Then they go back and forth on it. Whether I was amused or annoyed that they're making such a big deal about it (probably both), I felt like contributing my own point of view.

http://randomc.animeblogger.net/2007/09/16/lucky-star-24-end/ page 6 of the comments.

I think the whole problem in these love/hate arguments is that the debaters are nitpicking too much. Just relax, this is for mass media entertainment not a political discussion forum. There is nothing at stake here. LET yourself fall into the trap the show is trying to weave for you and enjoy the moment. So what if the trap is a Haruhi or moe reference or is blatant advertising? Reminds me of the "Everyone Loves Bridget" gag. It only hurts you if you let it hurt you. If you find and enjoy enough of those moments more than hating them, you'll realize you like the series. If not, then you don't like the series. And that's it, no one else should convince you otherwise.

I'll give a contribution. The scene in episode 22 where Misao calls Kagami and then forgets why. Big whoop right? That's what some people see. What I saw was the nice detail of the loud noise over the cell phone shocking Kagami into breaking her Pocky stick just as she was about to bite into it. (moment #1) Then the dramatic pause followed by Misao's, "what was it?" (moment #2) Then the "it was something very important..." (moment #3) Let these things amuse you if you can relate to them or have had them happen to yourself. That's where I get my Lucky Star love from.

I will respectfully read the comments made by both lovers and haters of Lucky Star and those in between, but why should I let that cloud my impressions of the series? To me, my own experience counts the most. And my own experience tells me that Lucky Star is my favorite series solely based on the number of times I've rewatched episodes or leaving them running in the background.

P.S. I liked the last episode. But I feel some parts of the full dance have too many instances of repetitive movement to them which will make the live action attempts we'll be seeing on YouTube soon look dull during those segments. And I just realized the bottle next to the radio was one of Pocari Sweat! Man I love this show!

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Summer started [19 Jun 2007|09:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Done with PCC. I heavily procrastinated on my English 1C paper and as a result, my take home Stats final suffered really badly. The Japanese 3 final was alright. In the end, it might be straight Bs again unless the Stats final is curved so much that I keep my A in the class. If I get a C or lower in Stats, I'm gonna be extremely disappointed.

Cal State LA's campus isn't nearly as impressive as I would have hoped. It doesn't have that high school feel that PCC has and it's not as grand as UCSB. But dropouts can't be choosers so here I will be for at least 2 more years. This CIS class, I don't know if it'll be fun or a pain in the ass. Feels like a lot of busy work with Microsoft programs. But I'll get a chance to practice more with Excel and Access. At least the computer lab for our discussion was pretty impressive.

AX is coming up! Aya Hirano and co. performing!!! SkiN featuring Yoshiki and Gackt performing!!! And while DC won't be here this year after attending for 3 years straight, it's kind of a relief because I can wander around freely at the con like I used to. That means more Exhibit Hall time to shop! And rooming with Mike and the other guys from Santa Barbara is gonna mean insane night time partying with 2 or 3 rooms crammed with people. Dan and Leo are going and I'm hoping Rob, an old DC friend from New York, will fly over and join in on the festivities. I talk to him now as much as I do with Dustin.

Btw, the opening video for Little Busters! is beautiful. Brand new Key game (makers of Kanon and Air) due out this summer. Go download the vid at www.visual-novels.net and see. I haven't tried the demo yet, but the vid and music is very nice.

*Edit: http://tasvideos.org/892M.html
This video is more awesome than you may initially realize. If you've played Super Mario World, remember that getting some of the exits without the Cape, Switch Palaces, or Yoshi is freaking difficult. Some of this has to be seen to be believed.

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絶対領域 [09 Jun 2007|12:50am]
[ mood | lol @ 絶対領域 ]

That is Zettai Ryouiki. For what it means, please refer to the following AIM log with my friend Rob that I found to be highly amusing as a whole.

EyesofPande (0:28:07): http://www.darkmirage.com/2006/12/15/japanese-titbits-3-zettai-ryouiki/
EyesofPande (0:28:31): this is the only anime blog i read, but i love it. i dug up this entry just now
Platinumry (0:29:06): is this about
Platinumry (0:29:10): the skirts?
Platinumry (0:29:23): like 5 inches above the knee
Platinumry (0:29:25): or something like that
EyesofPande (0:29:30): yes it is, i did not know about this peculiar fetish
Platinumry (0:29:36): lol
EyesofPande (0:29:43): i don't know whether i am now enlightened or soiled as a result of reading this
Platinumry (0:29:50): hahahha
Platinumry (0:29:57): i thought it was just a term
EyesofPande (0:30:02): midway through the article, they talk about the ratio. it's the best part of the article
Platinumry (0:30:03): but i suppose its a fetish
Platinumry (0:30:20): in japan
Platinumry (0:30:24): everything is a fetish
EyesofPande (0:30:34): well said
Platinumry (0:32:22): lol, acceptable margin of error
EyesofPande (0:34:27): when you think about it, socks that go above the knee is a really bizarre fashion statement. so the point is you can't show the knee, yet you can't wear pants. so it's like tantalizing the viewer with the smallest amount of acceptable skin as possible
EyesofPande (0:34:43): whoever designed those socks was a fucking genius
Platinumry (0:34:54): lolol
Platinumry (0:35:03): i honestly thought they were stockings though
Platinumry (0:35:20): do they count as socks?
EyesofPande (0:35:25): yea see, that's i guess the defining aspect. it can't be stockings cuz it covers the entire leg
EyesofPande (0:35:34): same with pants

*Author's note* Within 15 seconds, we seamlessly switch over to a brand new topic.

Platinumry (0:35:37): also, ive never played toheart but tama is awesome
EyesofPande (0:35:49): how do you know that? just from pictures?
Platinumry (0:35:58): hmm about tama?
Platinumry (0:36:05): ive just seen lotsa tama pictures lol
EyesofPande (0:36:44): uh oh, that means you've seen all the legit ones for sure :P
Platinumry (0:37:37): legit?
EyesofPande (0:37:48): h-scene pics
Platinumry (0:37:50): o
Platinumry (0:37:53): lol i probably have
EyesofPande (0:38:05): haha, so that means you've seen too many to remember
Platinumry (0:38:07): but when i think of tama i just think of the pictures when she's clothed
EyesofPande (0:38:09): slip of the tongue :P
Platinumry (0:38:11): she looks awesome
Platinumry (0:38:18): oops ;D
Platinumry (0:38:44): a while back on 4chan, there were a lot of threads dedicated to her
EyesofPande (0:39:08): well then, just go find an .iso and see for yourself
Platinumry (0:39:15): tama is like the ultimate schoolgirl though
Platinumry (0:39:23): so well proportioned >_>;
Platinumry (0:39:25): and well dressed
EyesofPande (0:39:47): there are a lot of descriptions for school girls... and the 2 you just mentioned were NOT the ones i were thinking of
EyesofPande (0:39:59): lol, is that what you see in schoolgirls?
EyesofPande (0:40:00): =s
Platinumry (0:40:08): hmm >_>
Platinumry (0:40:23): should i be seeing something else?
Platinumry (0:40:28): what are *you* seeing
Platinumry (0:40:29): lolol
EyesofPande (0:41:40): um, i thought you were talking about like bookworm type, athletic type...
EyesofPande (0:41:54): you know... stuff related to school
Platinumry (0:42:56): o
Platinumry (0:43:21): i dont often mix them together, although they usually are mixed together
EyesofPande (0:45:32): this conversation was amusing, i'm considering putting it on my LJ

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So happy... [24 May 2007|01:09am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I AAA'ed Frozen Ray, Heavy on my Stepmania!!! Yes, it was with my fingers and not on my feet, but still, it's only my 2nd AAA (the first was Golden Sky, Heavy) so I'm really happy about it. 341 Marvelous's and 54 Perfects. After the first try when I full combo'ed it with only 5 Greats, I became compelled to get the AAA. 50 minutes later (including heartbreaks with 2 and 1 Greats), I pulled it off. There's nothing more satisfying than working so hard to perfect something while knowing that you can do it, then pulling it off. Hopefully there'll be more to come.

I went and watched Kannazuki no Miko as well. I knew the general premise about it so I had some expectations for it. For most of the series, it wasn't satisfying at all since the story was so underdeveloped and horribly paced. But oh man... the last 1 1/2 episodes were GOLD!!! It's not that I'm a hardcore yuri/lesbian fan (not that I don't mind at all), but the whole conclusion was so touching that it felt really special to watch. I can't even decide if the series was even that good; but all I can say is that those last 35 minutes were as redeeming and full of win as any drama I've ever seen.

I'm also watching Lucky Star. That is just lawl. Kagami FTW. The scene in episode 7 in regards to her wanting to be in the same class as everyone else was brilliant. Konata patting her on the head brought back memories of Aya Hirano doing the same as Haruhi to Mikuru. Virtually priceless.

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